Whitebead Public School Website
Whitebead offers a comprehensive curriculum made available to all students. The diverse needs of the student population are determined by a comprehensive system of needs analysis that involves students, parents, and staff. A blended services model, which promotes classroom community, is used to meet the demands of diverse students. Offerings include: small classes, looping in the first through sixth grades, multi-age classes in preschool through fourth grade, nine sports teams (72% participation), award winning visual and performing arts programs (68% participation in fifth through eighth grade), athletic and academic booster clubs, Spanish, French, student government, school service organizations, four academic teams (21% participation in fifth through eighth grade), service learning projects, School-To-Work Program, and a bilingual newsletter. All are important aspects of life at Whitebead School. Whitebead School is a caring community. It is not so much a place as an experience – the experience of feeling valued, connected and responsible to others. Whitebead School provides an environment rich in friendships and belonging, a “say” in shaping that environment and meaningful, important learning. In turn, because it meets their needs, Whitebead students care about school and take its values seriously. The best metaphor for Whitebead School comes from philosophy and theology, not business and industry. Whitebead has a “soul”, not just a culture, and has a deeper purpose than a profit margin. It is a sanctuary for children that provides a comforting, fulfilling and exciting work environment where children’s spirits can soar.

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