Santa Fe Depot Museum
After a victorious battle to save our 1905 depot from demolition in 1989, the city officials finally secured ownership of the old Santa Fe Depot and turned it over to the Historical Society to renovate and manage (it was badly deteriorated and a daunting task).

In 1991, a few members began working on the once busy and proud old depot, then a boarded up eyesore. Soon more workers volunteered, businesses donated or discounted supplies (the Department of Corrections labor even offered valuable assistance) and now that eyesore has become a bright spot at the end of Paul Street. The depot has become a museum and meeting spot, a place for programs and parties, but still maintains most of its original integrity.

A wonderful collection of old photos, school memorabilia and pioneer collectibles are on display. A steam locomotive and coal tender that once traveled over these tracks has found a permanent home near the depot. Recently a vintage red caboose was purchased and rests behind the engine.

For more information please call The Santa Fe Depot Museum 405-238-2244

Closed Monday’s and Sunday’s

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