Pauls Valley City Lake

16610 N. County Road 3340 Pauls Valley, OK 73075
(Old City Lake) Located 1.5 miles East of Pauls Valley on State Highway 19 then 1/2 mile North and 1/2 mile West.

 The Lake Ranger at 405-207-6630

The Pauls Valley Police Department at 405-238-5531


You can purchase your permits at any of the following locations:

  1. Pauls Valley Walmart located at 2008 W Grant Ave.
  2. Pauls Valley Police Department located at 400 W Paul Ave.

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Pauls Valley Lake Baits and Updates

Chickasaw Country

Tavel Oklahoma

FISHING: City permit is required for all persons between the ages of 16 and 65 years old.  Persons will abide by local and state regulations with certain modifications.  Daily $2.00 Annual $10.00

Pauls Valley City Lake Daily Rates:

Water & Electricity $12.00

Full Hook-up $15.00

R.C. Longmire Lake
Located 11 miles east of Pauls Valley on State Highway 19 then 3 miles south

CAMPING: City permit is required. **Notice if paying for a camping site all activities are included in this cost.

R.C. Longmire Daily Rates:

Primitive $10.00

Semi Improved (water & electric) $15.00

Improved (full hook up) $20.00

$2.00 Senior Citizen Discount 65 & over


All boats will observe no-wake zones near boat ramps

City permit is required (good for both lakes)

Daily $3.00 Annual $15.00

Water Skiing allowed in City Lake

Jet Skiing

Pauls Valley City Lake only. All jet skis will observe no-walk zones neat boat ramps

City permit is required

Daily $3.00 Annual $15.00

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