Pauls Valley General Hospital

A long history and tradition of serving patients dating back to the early 1900’s culminated in 1970 with the merging of the Robberson Shirley Hospital in Wynnewood and the N.H. Lindsey Memorial Hospital in Pauls Valley. Pauls Valley General hospital, a not-for-profit acute care hospital, opened in January of 1970 providing high quality professional health care. Pauls Valley General Hospital’s commitment to this region is evident with the recent three million dollar east expansion and one million dollar 2nd floor renovation.

The medical staff at Pauls Valley General Hospital consists of nine physicians, including two surgeons, while many other physicians and specialists work closely with the hospital. Delivering babies is a tradition at Pauls Valley General Hospital and currently four physicians handle the deliveries. Now that the 2nd floor renovation has been completed, a highlight is the addition of a birthing suite. The ambulance service staff is highly trained thereby guaranteeing a level of professionalism and responsibility. The emergency room is staffed by physicians on duty 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and a helicopter landing site on the hospital grounds is available.

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Phone number: 405-238-5501

Address: 109 Valley Drive * Pauls Valley, OK 73075

Pauls Valley Urgent Care

Pauls Valley Urgent Care we can treat you when your doctor can’t! We treat Minor Emergencies With Major Attention!

2000 W Grant Ave, Ste 2
Pauls Valley, Oklahoma
Call (405) 238-3900
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